Micro Molding Technical Publications

These technical publications are geared toward helping our customers understand micromolding technology and how it can be integrated into designing medical devices for minimally invasive surgery.

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Bio-compatible injection-molded microcomponents change lives
Micromanufacturing SeptOct 2014 magazine issue - cover photo Parkinson's patients and chronic pain sufferers are often treated with implantable pulse generators to stimulate the brain and central nervous system. Those with heart conditions may have a defibrillator placed inside their chest. The deaf are fitted with cochlear inplants, while some people with eye conditions find relief through intraocular lenses. These are but a few of the medical devices that would be nearly impossible to manufacture without micromolding technology and biocompatible materials. Read the full pdf article.
Looking to smaller, specialized suppliers for innovation
Medical Design Technology May 2014 magazine issue - cover photo This article will attempt to challenge the basic principles of outsourcing and to bring a different outlook on this highly publicized and challenging subject. Two examples of larger medical device OEM's innovating new produts and processes are presented, generating thoughts on how they coould have been more successful bringing products to market utilizing smaller, specialized suppliers. Read the full pdf article.
Micromolded plastic is an accepted choice to replace miniature machined components
SME - Miniature machined component alternatives. Historically micromachining has been the only option for manufacturers sourcing low to moderate quantities of miniature components. However, with advances in technology, micromolding can now offer a range of cost–effective alternatives for components that are miniature, complex and require high precision tolerances. Read the full pdf article.
The critical questions when micromolding for an MIS device
Medical design technology July / August magazine issue - cover photo Asking the right questions when selecting a high performance plastic for micromolding an MIS device could reap some great competitive advantages.

This article will review the micromolding process and cover the important aspects of each question that should be addressed by the outsourcing partner, the OEM, or both. Read the full article.
Micro moulding: A cost effective alternative to micro machining
Micro Manufacturing & Commercial Nano Application Magazine Article Vol. 1 Issue 1 This article looks at the technology of micro moulding from the perspective of a subcontract micro moulding specialist, Mikrotech. Mikrotech specialises in custom design micro moulded components and assemblies for the medical, electronic and automotive industries. It is an engineering and manufacturing service company that provides design assistance, prototyping, and automated short- and long-run production. What are the advantages of micro moulding, and what should you look for in a subcontract micro moulder? This article gives you the answers. Read the full article.
Micro Moulding: Meeting Design Challenges of Medical Devices for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)
Micro Manufacturing & Commercial Nano Application Magazine Article Vol. 1 Issue 2 In his second contribution to Micro Manufacturing magazine, John Whynott analyses the use of micro moulding technology in the manufacture of medical products. Are you looking for new technologies to help reduce the complexity of minimally invasive surgical devices? Micro moulding technology can provide the technological edge you need. Read the full article.

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