Precision Plastic Micromolding
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Micromolding Components

Micromolding Components

Micromolding Technology

Micromolding from Mikrotech offers best-in-class molding services for prototype to high volume production. The company's micromolding processes enable Mikrotech to achieve tolerance targets on complex components that conventional molders cannot maintain and streamline the manufacturing process to create a more robust and reliable design for manufacturing.

Micromolding can provide an excellent cost-effective alternative to engineering and manufacturing medical devices used in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). MIS manufacturers have difficulting creating and maintaining reliable manufacturing processes as many devices 1) use expensive machined components, 2) require highly skilled labor (artisans) using a microscope, and 3) require complex secondary operations to assemble them. These methods of manufacturing place limitations on size, complexity, material selection, production yields and profitability.

Micromolding can help reduce or eliminate these processes enabling designers to be more flexible to design smaller more complex devices. With manufacturing utilizing micromolding can reduce or eliminate the dependency on the microscope to assemble the device and could result in higher production yields.

The key to our success as a full service micromanufacturer is utilizing micromolding equipment specifically designed for micromolding. Our micromolding equipment has twice the precision and repeatability as conventional machining equipment allowing us to obtain high quality molded components, even with difficult to mold plastics such as PEEK.

Our micromolding technology has a range of abilities that include:

  • Utilizing high performance plastics such as PEEK, PPS, PEI and LCP
  • Maintaining dimensional tolerances of +/- .005 mm (.0002 in)
  • Accurate components weighing less than 0.1 g (.0035 oz)
  • Implantable and non-implantable components
  • Wall thicknesses as low as .08 mm (.003 in)
  • Lens (optical) quality components

To view a full list of materials we use for plastic micromolding please see our plastic micromolding material list.

Along with our micromolding capabilities, we offer precision plastic micromachining, insert micromolding, micro subassembly and manufacturing engineering assistance. Contact Mikrotech to learn more about designing and manufacturing MIS devices utilizing micromachining or micromolding.

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