Micro Machining White Papers

These white papers are geared toward helping our customers understand micromachining technology and how it can be integrated into designing medical devices for minimally invasive surgery.

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Micromolding: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Micromachining
SME Technical WhitepaperHistorically, machining has been the only feasible manufacturing alternative for manufacturers sourcing low–to–moderate quantities of microcomponents. Molders, because of the modest volumes or the complexity of the components, have often shunned these manufacturers. However, with advances in technology, micromolding can now offer a range of cost–effective alternatives for components that are miniature, complex and require high–precision tolerances. Machining places limitations on the material selection process where high–cost ceramics or engineered metallic materials are commonly used. As a result, sourcing low–to–moderate volume microcomponents has been a costly challenge for manufacturers. Read the full article.

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