Precision Plastic Micromachining
for Prototype and Short Run Production

LCP Micromachining Component

LCP Micromachining Component

Micromachining Technology

Micromachining from Mikrotech offers best-in-class multi-axis CNC and Swiss screw machining services for prototype and low volume production. The company's micromachining processes overcome the limitations of established technologies enabling MIS device designers and manufacturers to design and fabricate smaller components with more complex features and higher precision tolerances.

Micromachining can provide an excellent cost-effective solution during the initial stages of the product development cycle. The design of a medical device for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) can often have many different design iterations before the final appearance and functionality of the product is complete. Micromachining requires little or no tooling cost during the design iterations (there are some cases where micromachining cannot be used to fabricate the component and the customer must go directly to mold tooling for micromolding.)

Micromachining can also be suitable for adding features to a micromolded component. Periodically the complexity of a component makes the cost of micromolding tooling cost prohibitive. It may also increase the complexity of the mold tool resulting in high maintenance and operating costs. One way to address this issue is micromolding as much of the geometry of the component as possible and performing secondary micromachining perations to complete the finished product. The designer can capture all features required and obtain a majority of the benefits of lower-cost micromolding.

The key to our success as a full service micromanufacturer is utilizing micromachining equipment specifically designed for micromachining. Our micromachining equipment has twice the precision and spindle speed as conventional machining equipment allowing us to obtain high quality machined components, even with difficult to machine plastics. We can take a solid model or CAD drawing to a finished component in two to three weeks.

Our micromachining technology has a range of abilities that include:

  • Utilizing high performance plastics such as PEEK, PPS, PEI and LCP
  • Utilizing plastics such as ABS, PAI (Torlon), PC, PMMA and PTFE
  • Maintaining dimensional tolerances of +/- .005 mm (.0002 in)
  • Accurate components weighing less than 0.1 g (.0035 oz)
  • Implantable and non-implantable components
  • Wall thicknesses as low as .08 mm (.003 in)
  • Lens (optical) quality components
  • Vapor polishing and deburring
  • Annealing (stress relieving)

To view a full list of materials we use for plastic micromachining please see our plastic micromachining material list.

Along with our micromachining capabilities, we offer precision plastic micromolding, insert micromolding, micro subassembly and manufacturing engineering assistance. Contact Mikrotech to learn more about designing and manufacturing MIS devices utilizing micromolding or micromachining.

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